Frédéric Fokan












1. Personal details:



Frédéric Fokan


26, Route du Village, 1066, Epalinges, Switzerland


[email protected]


+41 79 315 81 19

Place of Birth:

Namur, Belgium

Date of Birth:

27 October 1972


Belgian (Switzerland C Permit )

Civil status:

Unmarried partners, Two Children

Driver License:



2. Education:

Secondary Education:

1st Cycle : Institute St -Joseph Rochefort (Math-Sciences)

2nd Cycle : ITCF Jemelle (Math-Sciences)

Higher education:

2 Years Graduate in “Kinesitherapie” ISEK, Bruxelles


  • Certificate of Achievement Microsoft Windows NT4 Core Technologies Flexcom Microsoft Technical Education Centre (2000)
  • Certificate of Achievement Microsoft Windows NT4 Administration Flexcom Microsoft Technical Education Centre (2000)
  • Certificate of Training ESTE IPS operations Lite Training, Gtech 2006
  • Certificate of Training ESTE Operations Training, Gtech 2006
  • Certificate of Training ESTE System and Database Administration, Gtech 2006
  • Certificate of Achievement ITIL V3 Foundation,ID: EXIN061471 Validation Number: 22113956
  • Certificate LPIC-1 Linux Professionnal Institute ID: LPI000184776 Verification Code: al2wasa28q 
  • Certificate Novell Certified Linux Administrator Novell License UC1606929


3. Employment Experiences:

Wipro Limited detached at Nespresso, CDI, 02.2017 - NOW

Lead Consultant in Band C1 -- Senior Linux System Admin

  • Manage Nespresso middleware applications eCommerce platform for production and non-prod environment ( NC2, NC3 DAM, ACM, ...) Patching: OS patching (Red Hat), rollout, Quaterly Release, weekly change,  ...
  • Manage and implement new incoming IT projects.
  • On call support (3rd level) on Middleware and e-commerce applications.
  • Migration of many applications with minimum impact on business continuity.
  • Puppet module maintenance for all internal modules ( hybris, haproxy, nginx, varnish, nesclub2, ecom, ...)
  • Development of Rundeck & Jenkins jobs, bash scripts, Puppet config, Varnish config, … (Administration, Support, ...)


Blue-Infinity detached at Nespresso, CDI, 02.2014 - 02.2017

Senior Linux System Admin

  • Responsible for eCommerce platform NC2 & NC3 (Patching, 3rd level Support, Rollout, ... )

  • Puppet module maintenance for all internal modules.

  • Responsible of Atlassian products: JIRA – Confluence – Stash (Administration, upgrade, module config, Support, ... )

  • Development of Rundeck & Jenkins jobs, bash scripts, Puppet config, …


Linalis detached at International Labour Office, CDD, 14.05.2013 - 23.12.2013

Linux System Admin

  • In charge of the migration of all Linux Sles Servers to last Service release Pack (Sles 9 SP1 to SP4 ; Sles 10 SP1 to Sles 10 SP4 ; Sles 11 SP1 to SP2).
  • It was concerning 200 servers running applications like Apache, Zope, Oracle, ...
  • In charge of implementation of a Centralized Authentication solution against Windows AD (LDAPS, PAM ) and enhancement of Linux system logging , Sudo integration.
  • Linux Support.


Abissa Mission at World Economic Forum, Cologny, CDD, 01.09.2012 - 30.11.2012

Linux System Specialist

  • Zabbix map and triggers creation for monitoring all systems (ESX servers, Virtual and physical servers, network devices) and services based in China, New-York and Geneva.
  • Creation of a Kiosk system under Linux for World Economic Forum conferences.
  • System administration and support for administrating Linux servers.
  • Support 1st & 2 level (Windows server and Laptop, blackberry) to World Economic Forum users.


Adecco Mission at IBM SA CAB, Prilly, CDD, 10.01.2011 - 02.12.2011

IT Specialist Scheduler

  • Scheduling through Control-M & Monitoring of IBM AIX / Windows systems for Deutsche Bank Switzerland.
  • Daily administrative tasks as backup, Database restores & application restores, application updates through scripts, file transfer, …
  • Working alone and in team, making daily shift (6 Am – 2 Pm, 2 Pm – 8 Pm, 8 Pm – 6 Am) & on call the week-end and when necessary.


Linalis consultant detached on BOBST SA, CDD, 14.06.2010 - 31.12.2010

Linux System Engineer

  • Second level IT support for resolution of all Bobst daily issue.
  • Responsible during the time there of all specifics Linux & UNIX issue resolution.
  • Creation of some optimized SLES Linux VMware templates (SLES 10 SP3, SLES 11 SP0&SP1), containing all Bobst tools (Backup networker, UC4 scheduler, Oracle DB, zabbix agent …) deployed with a bash script setting up all the servers in one step.
  • Creation of some optimized Debian Load balancer VMware templates using Haproxy & heartbeat cluster technology, containing all Bobst tools (Backup networker, UC4 scheduler, zabbix agent …) and used for load balancing Bobst internal Server.
  • Those servers were deployed though a 10 steps interactive scripts and monitored through Zabbix for which new specific Zabbix templates were created.
  • Responsible of upgrade of the Bobst SAP Veritas cluster, for which a SLES11 SP0 deployment autoyast has been created and setup with post-script Bobst software installation.
  • Development& Installation of open-source solutions & scripts.
  • Wrote and update several documentations and how-to for Bobst Internal usage  


Léman Emploi,CDD, 01.10.2009 - 31.12.2009

System Administrator

  • Migration of existing Linux Web server to a bulletproof solution using Debian as OS and raid Linux software as first level of backup.
  • Migration of existing workgroup to a complete domain controller using domain policy, user policy and managing domain dns.
  • Creation of automated backup script using .tar (compression), sftp (sent protocol) and gpg (for encryption) to remote infomaniak web server.
  • Administration of internal web server portals running with Mysql, php5 and apache 2
  • Installation of a Linux Firewall using Iptables and monitoring all the network and station using zabbix (zabbix agent on remote computer)
  • Administration of web server of the association and related user mail accounts.
  • The advice, assistance and training for internal users and external one’s.


GTECH (Detached on Swiss Romande Lottery Site), CDI, 05.12.2005 - 30.06.2009

Operation Analyst Level II

  • Operation Analyst level 1 (2005 -2006) then Operation Analyst level 2 (2006-2009)
  • Detached from GTECH Belgium Company on Romande Lottery customer site and working alone.
  • Playing a key role on Lottery customer site for:
  • Implementation of all new Software’s on host systems (AIX, Windows & Linux) and all lottery terminals on the field (Linux)
  • Management of solution implemented ( resolution of issues, monitoring of systems, first level of escalation list for the customer 24/24 and responsible of keeping at 100% systems up & running)
  • Interface for GTECH on customer site (reporting issue, debugging, testing)
  • Development of “bash” script and “C” executables on hosts system for operator low level menu.
  • Responsible of hardware maintenance and interface between GTECH, Romande Swiss Lottery & IBM Switzerland.
  • Responsible of all the documentations released and provided to the customer.


IBM Belgium, CDD, 16.09.2002 - 30.11.2004

UNIX Operator

  • Playing a key role in keeping permanently up and running the systems of customers as Deutsch Bank, KBC, Lhoist, Solvay, etc…as well as some IBM internal ones.
  • Closely monitoring of UNIX & NT systems with the use of Tivoli and Linux Net saint Nagios.
  • Analyze of problems and resolution depending the case directly on systems through Ssh, Vnc, and IBM Director.
  • Execution and monitoring of Clients Backups (Tivoli Storage Manager , shark,  Backup-Exec)
  • Responsible of keeping up to date the customers documentation and tools


Hellea Sprl, CDD, 01.08.2002 - 31.08.2002

System Administrator

  • Maintenance and monitoring alone of the Hellea Linux Network LAN during 3 weeks.
  • Installation and configuration for Hellea of a remote Network Back-up solution through encrypted tunnel (based on rdiff and Ssh); Backup was generated automatically and replicate automatically through the encrypted tunnel.
  • Installation and configuration for Hellea of a Jabber Instant Message Server and all associate services.


Arkanos ASBL (Owner), 15.01.2002 - 14.11.2005

System Administrator

  • Installation and configuration of computer for Arkanos clients( Linux Workstation & Server)
  • Specific implementation and development for clients.


Arafox SCRL, CDI, 15.06.2001 - 31.12.2001

System Administrator

  • System administration under Linux on-site, remotely or in internal
  • Network administration of the Arafox and the “IDE” center LAN.
  • Implementation from scratch of services:
  • Firewall, Mail Server, Web Server, File Server, Print Sharing
  • Resolution of technical problems
  • Installation & Configuration for the “IDE” Center of a Computer Training Room containing a network of 12 workstations. Computer images (Windows 2000, Linux Debian), network LAN, file server were managed on a central Linux Debian Server.
  • Implementation for clients of specific Open Source Solutions (DB Server, File server, mail server, web server, etc...)


Sales + Dendrite Europe, CDI, 18.10.1999 - 15.06.2001

Technical Support & Junior IT

  • Installation & configuration on NT server implemented with a Sybase SQL DB and in replication with a central server DB via FTP & Mail client...
  • Configuration of clients’ computer (workstation & laptop) implemented with the Sales+ Software and fine-tuning.
  • Management of replicate internal DB (replicate process, back up, extraction of new client DB, update...)
  • Resolution of hardware and software problems for clients or in internal (on site, remotely or by phone)
  • Frequent travel for clients in Europe (Germany, Holland, Portugal, …)


Sanofi ~ Synthélabo, CDD, 01.02.1999 - 01.10.1999

Technical Support

  • Installation and configuration of Computer and Laptops (with Windows NT & 9X)
  • Network administration (access right to RAS, File server, print sharing, etc...)
  • Working remotely via PC-Anywhere on client computers
  • Resolution of Hard & Soft ware problems....
  • Phone Support


MCH, CDD, 15.05.1998 - 20.12.1998

Technical Support

  • Installation and configuration of computers for clients...
  • Hardware Installation (CD-Rom, Ram, network cards, etc...)
  • In charge of returning non functioning hardware ...


4. Additional Information & specific skills:

4.1 Language knowledge:



native speaker



good knowledge (read – speak – write)



basic  knowledge


4.2 Informatics Knowledge

  • Unix:
    • Linux
      • Debian
      • Red Hat
      • Linux From Scratch LFS
      • SLES
      • ...
    • Solaris
    • AIX  & HP UX
    • VMS (basic)


  • Windows
    • Windows Workstation 95, 98, XP, Vista NT
    • Windows Server NT, 2000, 2003, 2008
  • Networking
    • Network Protocols
      • TCP/IP
      • UDP
    • VPN Protocols
      • IPSEC
    • Routing protocols
      • RIP
      • BGP
      • Aodv
      • zrp
    • NAS      
    • VoIP
      • Asterisk
      • H.323
      • ...
    • Firewall
      • Iptables
      • Ipchains && netfilter
      • ...
  • Applications
    • Apache
    • DNS 
    • Sendmail
    • Samba
    • Proxy
    • ...
  • Databases
    • Mysql
    • PostgreSQL
    • IBM db2
  • Backup/Storage
    • Rdiff through Ssh
    • TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager)
    • Veritas backup
    • Backupexec
    • ...
  • Scheduler
    • UC4
    • Control-M
    • Cron
  • Virtualization
    • VMware, ESX, Vsphere
    • Virtualbox
    • Xen
  • Programing languages:
    • Bash
    • C & C++
    • Python
    • SQL
    • HTML
    • PHP
    • ...


4.3 Public Profile on Linkedin with recommendations :






4.4 Download Frédéric Fokan Documents :


  • Technical CV Frédéric Fokan English ( Microsoft Word Format ) link


  • Technical CV Frédéric Fokan English ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat d'enseignement Secondaire Supérieur  ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat Institiut d'enseignement supérieur Paramédical Kinésithérapie ISEK ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat Microsoft Windows ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificate of Training Gtech ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certification ITIL V3 Foundation ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certification LPIC-1 (PDF Format) link


  • Certification Novell Certified Linux Administrator (PDF Format) link


  • Certificat de Travail Gtech ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Léman Emploi ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Linalis -- Bobst ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Adecco -- IBM ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Abissa -- World Economic Forum ( PDF Format) link


  • Certificat de Travail Linalis -- International Labour Office (PDF Format) link


  • Certificat de Travail Blue-Infinity -- Nespresso (PDF Format) link