Frédéric Fokan















1. Personal details:



Frédéric Fokan


26, Route du Village, 1066, Epalinges, Switzerland


[email protected]


+41 79 315 81 19

Place of Birth:

Namur, Belgium

Date of Birth:

27 October 1972


Belgian (Switzerland C Permit )

Civil status:

Unmarried partners, Two Children

Driver License:



2. Education:

Secondary Education:

1st Cycle : Institute St -Joseph Rochefort (Math-Sciences)

2nd Cycle : ITCF Jemelle (Math-Sciences)

Higher education:

2 Years Graduate in “Kinesitherapie” ISEK, Bruxelles


  • Certificate of Achievement Microsoft Windows NT4 Core Technologies Flexcom Microsoft Technical Education Centre (2000)
  • Certificate of Achievement Microsoft Windows NT4 Administration Flexcom Microsoft Technical Education Centre (2000)
  • Certificate of Training ESTE IPS operations Lite Training, Gtech 2006
  • Certificate of Training ESTE Operations Training, Gtech 2006
  • Certificate of Training ESTE System and Database Administration, Gtech 2006
  • Certificate of Achievement ITIL V3 Foundation,ID: EXIN061471 Validation Number: 22113956
  • Certificate LPIC-1 Linux Professionnal Institute ID: LPI000184776 Verification Code: al2wasa28q 
  • Certificate Novell Certified Linux Administrator Novell License UC1606929


3. Employment Experiences:

Wipro Limited detached at Nespresso, CDI, 02.2017 - NOW

Lead Consultant in Band C1 -- Senior Linux System Admin

  • Manage Nespresso middleware applications eCommerce platform for production and non-prod environment ( NC2, NC3 DAM, ACM, ...) Patching: OS patching (Red Hat), rollout, Quaterly Release, weekly change,  ...
  • Manage and implement new incoming IT projects.
  • On call support (3rd level) on Middleware and e-commerce applications.
  • Migration of many applications with minimum impact on business continuity.
  • Puppet module maintenance for all internal modules ( hybris, haproxy, nginx, varnish, nesclub2, ecom, ...)
  • Development of Rundeck & Jenkins jobs, bash scripts, Puppet config, Varnish config, … (Administration, Support, ...)


Blue-Infinity detached at Nespresso, CDI, 02.2014 - 02.2017

Senior Linux System Admin

  • Responsible for eCommerce platform NC2 & NC3 (Patching, 3rd level Support, Rollout, ... )

  • Puppet module maintenance for all internal modules.

  • Responsible of Atlassian products: JIRA – Confluence – Stash (Administration, upgrade, module config, Support, ... )

  • Development of Rundeck & Jenkins jobs, bash scripts, Puppet config, …


Linalis detached at International Labour Office, CDD, 14.05.2013 - 23.12.2013

Linux System Admin

  • In charge of the migration of all Linux Sles Servers to last Service release Pack (Sles 9 SP1 to SP4 ; Sles 10 SP1 to Sles 10 SP4 ; Sles 11 SP1 to SP2).
  • It was concerning 200 servers running applications like Apache, Zope, Oracle, ...
  • In charge of implementation of a Centralized Authentication solution against Windows AD (LDAPS, PAM ) and enhancement of Linux system logging , Sudo integration.
  • Linux Support.


Abissa Mission at World Economic Forum, Cologny, CDD, 01.09.2012 - 30.11.2012

Linux System Specialist

  • Zabbix map and triggers creation for monitoring all systems (ESX servers, Virtual and physical servers, network devices) and services based in China, New-York and Geneva.
  • Creation of a Kiosk system under Linux for World Economic Forum conferences.
  • System administration and support for administrating Linux servers.
  • Support 1st & 2 level (Windows server and Laptop, blackberry) to World Economic Forum users.


Adecco Mission at IBM SA CAB, Prilly, CDD, 10.01.2011 - 02.12.2011

IT Specialist Scheduler

  • Scheduling through Control-M & Monitoring of IBM AIX / Windows systems for Deutsche Bank Switzerland.
  • Daily administrative tasks as backup, Database restores & application restores, application updates through scripts, file transfer, …
  • Working alone and in team, making daily shift (6 Am – 2 Pm, 2 Pm – 8 Pm, 8 Pm – 6 Am) & on call the week-end and when necessary.


Linalis consultant detached on BOBST SA, CDD, 14.06.2010 - 31.12.2010

Linux System Engineer

  • Second level IT support for resolution of all Bobst daily issue.
  • Responsible during the time there of all specifics Linux & UNIX issue resolution.
  • Creation of some optimized SLES Linux VMware templates (SLES 10 SP3, SLES 11 SP0&SP1), containing all Bobst tools (Backup networker, UC4 scheduler, Oracle DB, zabbix agent …) deployed with a bash script setting up all the servers in one step.
  • Creation of some optimized Debian Load balancer VMware templates using Haproxy & heartbeat cluster technology, containing all Bobst tools (Backup networker, UC4 scheduler, zabbix agent …) and used for load balancing Bobst internal Server.
  • Those servers were deployed though a 10 steps interactive scripts and monitored through Zabbix for which new specific Zabbix templates were created.
  • Responsible of upgrade of the Bobst SAP Veritas cluster, for which a SLES11 SP0 deployment autoyast has been created and setup with post-script Bobst software installation.
  • Development& Installation of open-source solutions & scripts.
  • Wrote and update several documentations and how-to for Bobst Internal usage  


Léman Emploi,CDD, 01.10.2009 - 31.12.2009

System Administrator

  • Migration of existing Linux Web server to a bulletproof solution using Debian as OS and raid Linux software as first level of backup.
  • Migration of existing workgroup to a complete domain controller using domain policy, user policy and managing domain dns.
  • Creation of automated backup script using .tar (compression), sftp (sent protocol) and gpg (for encryption) to remote infomaniak web server.
  • Administration of internal web server portals running with Mysql, php5 and apache 2
  • Installation of a Linux Firewall using Iptables and monitoring all the network and station using zabbix (zabbix agent on remote computer)
  • Administration of web server of the association and related user mail accounts.
  • The advice, assistance and training for internal users and external one’s.


GTECH (Detached on Swiss Romande Lottery Site), CDI, 05.12.2005 - 30.06.2009

Operation Analyst Level II

  • Operation Analyst level 1 (2005 -2006) then Operation Analyst level 2 (2006-2009)
  • Detached from GTECH Belgium Company on Romande Lottery customer site and working alone.
  • Playing a key role on Lottery customer site for:
  • Implementation of all new Software’s on host systems (AIX, Windows & Linux) and all lottery terminals on the field (Linux)
  • Management of solution implemented ( resolution of issues, monitoring of systems, first level of escalation list for the customer 24/24 and responsible of keeping at 100% systems up & running)
  • Interface for GTECH on customer site (reporting issue, debugging, testing)
  • Development of “bash” script and “C” executables on hosts system for operator low level menu.
  • Responsible of hardware maintenance and interface between GTECH, Romande Swiss Lottery & IBM Switzerland.
  • Responsible of all the documentations released and provided to the customer.


IBM Belgium, CDD, 16.09.2002 - 30.11.2004

UNIX Operator

  • Playing a key role in keeping permanently up and running the systems of customers as Deutsch Bank, KBC, Lhoist, Solvay, etc…as well as some IBM internal ones.
  • Closely monitoring of UNIX & NT systems with the use of Tivoli and Linux Net saint Nagios.
  • Analyze of problems and resolution depending the case directly on systems through Ssh, Vnc, and IBM Director.
  • Execution and monitoring of Clients Backups (Tivoli Storage Manager , shark,  Backup-Exec)
  • Responsible of keeping up to date the customers documentation and tools


Hellea Sprl, CDD, 01.08.2002 - 31.08.2002

System Administrator

  • Maintenance and monitoring alone of the Hellea Linux Network LAN during 3 weeks.
  • Installation and configuration for Hellea of a remote Network Back-up solution through encrypted tunnel (based on rdiff and Ssh); Backup was generated automatically and replicate automatically through the encrypted tunnel.
  • Installation and configuration for Hellea of a Jabber Instant Message Server and all associate services.


Arkanos ASBL (Owner), 15.01.2002 - 14.11.2005

System Administrator

  • Installation and configuration of computer for Arkanos clients( Linux Workstation & Server)
  • Specific implementation and development for clients.


Arafox SCRL, CDI, 15.06.2001 - 31.12.2001

System Administrator

  • System administration under Linux on-site, remotely or in internal
  • Network administration of the Arafox and the “IDE” center LAN.
  • Implementation from scratch of services:
  • Firewall, Mail Server, Web Server, File Server, Print Sharing
  • Resolution of technical problems
  • Installation & Configuration for the “IDE” Center of a Computer Training Room containing a network of 12 workstations. Computer images (Windows 2000, Linux Debian), network LAN, file server were managed on a central Linux Debian Server.
  • Implementation for clients of specific Open Source Solutions (DB Server, File server, mail server, web server, etc...)


Sales + Dendrite Europe, CDI, 18.10.1999 - 15.06.2001

Technical Support & Junior IT

  • Installation & configuration on NT server implemented with a Sybase SQL DB and in replication with a central server DB via FTP & Mail client...
  • Configuration of clients’ computer (workstation & laptop) implemented with the Sales+ Software and fine-tuning.
  • Management of replicate internal DB (replicate process, back up, extraction of new client DB, update...)
  • Resolution of hardware and software problems for clients or in internal (on site, remotely or by phone)
  • Frequent travel for clients in Europe (Germany, Holland, Portugal, …)


Sanofi ~ Synthélabo, CDD, 01.02.1999 - 01.10.1999

Technical Support

  • Installation and configuration of Computer and Laptops (with Windows NT & 9X)
  • Network administration (access right to RAS, File server, print sharing, etc...)
  • Working remotely via PC-Anywhere on client computers
  • Resolution of Hard & Soft ware problems....
  • Phone Support


MCH, CDD, 15.05.1998 - 20.12.1998

Technical Support

  • Installation and configuration of computers for clients...
  • Hardware Installation (CD-Rom, Ram, network cards, etc...)
  • In charge of returning non functioning hardware ...


4. Additional Information & specific skills:

4.1 Language knowledge:



native speaker



good knowledge (read – speak – write)



basic  knowledge


4.2 Hobbies

Still Partially active Member of the Bruxelles Linux Users Group (Bx Lug Association making monthly events, as Linux Install Party and conferences. The BxLug is also participating actively in some Belgium Linux Events the Fosdem www.fosdem.organd the Belgium Linux Demo Days.

Still Partially active Member of the “Réseau Citoyen” (

Free Association of Bruxelles Wireless User which uses Open Source Solutions and wireless technologies to create a metropolitan network and another vision of the Net...

Informatics, Linux & Open Source ...

A lot of my personal time is taken for keeping up to date my informatics knowledge and exploring Open Source new ways of thinking...

I've personally created some scripts and ported some applications and hack specific Hardware to run under Linux

Linux Debian is used for my server and workstations and for which I maintain a local mirror with personal released packages.

I am also involved in some Open Source Projects like GPE (Linux for Ipaq) and Debian for OpenMoko (full open source phone) and android project for which I contribute with some packages and makes some bugs report... 

4.3 Informatics Knowledge

  • Unix:
    • Linux
      • Debian
      • Red Hat
      • Linux From Scratch LFS
      • SLES
      • ...
    • Solaris
    • AIX  & HP UX
    • VMS (basic)


  • Windows
    • Windows Workstation 95, 98, XP, Vista NT
    • Windows Server NT, 2000, 2003, 2008
  • Networking
    • Network Protocols
      • TCP/IP
      • UDP
    • VPN Protocols
      • IPSEC
    • Routing protocols
      • RIP
      • BGP
      • Aodv
      • zrp
    • NAS      
    • VoIP
      • Asterisk
      • H.323
      • ...
    • Firewall
      • Iptables
      • Ipchains && netfilter
      • ...
  • Applications
    • Apache
    • DNS 
    • Sendmail
    • Samba
    • Proxy
    • ...
  • Databases
    • Mysql
    • PostgreSQL
    • IBM db2
  • Backup/Storage
    • Rdiff through Ssh
    • TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager)
    • Veritas backup
    • Backupexec
    • ...
  • Scheduler
    • UC4
    • Control-M
    • Cron
  • Virtualization
    • VMware, ESX, Vsphere
    • Virtualbox
    • Xen
  • Programing languages:
    • Bash
    • C & C++
    • Python
    • SQL
    • HTML
    • PHP
    • ...


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4.5 Download Frédéric Fokan Documents :


  • Technical CV Frédéric Fokan English ( Microsoft Word Format ) link


  • Technical CV Frédéric Fokan English ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat d'enseignement Secondaire Supérieur  ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat Institiut d'enseignement supérieur Paramédical Kinésithérapie ISEK ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat Microsoft Windows ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificate of Training Gtech ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certification ITIL V3 Foundation ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certification LPIC-1 (PDF Format) link


  • Certification Novell Certified Linux Administrator (PDF Format) link


  • Certificat de Travail Gtech ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Léman Emploi ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Linalis -- Bobst ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Adecco -- IBM ( PDF Format ) link


  • Certificat de Travail Abissa -- World Economic Forum ( PDF Format) link


  • Certificat de Travail Linalis -- International Labour Office (PDF Format) link


  • Certificat de Travail Blue-Infinity -- Nespresso (PDF Format) link